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Swoon London Downton Leather Crossbody Bag in Midnight Black

Swoon London is a modern fine leather handbag brand. With style, practicality and quality at it's core. We began small, keeping our core products limited. We have grown a lot since, but we still insist on having a small (but perfectly formed) collection of styles and colours for our customers to 'Swoon' over and enjoy!

The owners of Swoon are two people who are polar opposites! Together, they create magic! This totally embodies what the brand is all about! 

Swoon London was launched whilst enjoying the calm tranquility of the River Dart on the south coast of England. Anna enjoys owning designer handbags, but whilst jumping on and off boats, a beautiful, functional, affordable handbag was really needed! Something that can travel anywhere with her, and always look fabulous, without the price tag of the high end designer bags! Anna believes a bag should work with you, in any given setting - thus the addition of the interchangeable straps! The straps change with your outfit, your style, even your mood!

Anna has spent over 20 years working within luxury fashion. Brand, style, and customer service are part of her DNA! Jules's background is the Automotive industries. Jules loves the detail, and is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience for our customers!

Our aim is to provide our customers with beautiful, personalised leather bags and accessories that are stylish, affordable, versatile and practical.

We are so excited for you to grow your everyday wardrobe with Swoon London, our style centred brand! Click here to shop our fantastic range!

We are so glad you're joining us on our Swoon London journey!

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